Estyn Report

Inspection report Black Lane C.P. School 2023 – Full

Parents and carers – Inspection Report – Black Lane C.P. School 2023

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Black Lane was inspected by Estyn in November 2023.  We are all very pleased with the report and the recognition that the school is a caring, nurturing and inclusive environment where pupils feel valued. The report recognises the exciting learning experiences teachers provide and the strong progress pupils make in literacy, numeracy and digital competence skills across the school.
We are extremely proud of the recognition of the high standards of Welsh speaking skills in our school, highlighting that the provision for developing Welsh is a strength.
As all schools we have areas to further develop and strengthen and we will use these to continue with our improvement journey.

We have a dedicated team of staff, governors, parents and pupils who all work together to ensure our school is a Happy, Healthy and Safe place to be.

I have highlighted some of the key points highlighted:

• Black Lane is a caring and nurturing school
• Senior leaders promote a vision that focuses on striving to ensure that everyone is happy, healthy and safe. All staff share this vision
• Staff are compassionate and support the needs of individual pupils well
• Pupils have high levels of wellbeing across the school
• Pupils behave well in class and when moving around the school
• Pupils play well together and enjoy spending time with their friends
• Within a positive environment, pupils make good progress in all areas of learning
• Pupils and staff enjoy being part of Black Lane Primary and they are proud of their school
• Provision for developing Welsh speaking skills is a strength of the school and pupils feel proud to be Welsh
• Senior leaders, supported by governors, work diligently to evaluate the schools strengths and to identify areas in need of improvement
• Leaders plan for change effectively and have a strong track record of improving teaching and learning
• The support for pupils in need of additional help with learning in a strength of the school
• Teachers plan exciting and engaging activities for pupils and learning is fun – pupils are highly engaged in lessons
• Staff support pupils well to develop the skills they need to improve their own work
• The school collaborates well with parents and the local community
• Parents have beneficial opportunities to visit school to engage in their child’s learning journey

Our recommendations that we are working on are:

  • R1: Ensure teaching and planned activities challenge all pupils and support them to make the progress of which they are capable of
  • R2: Further develop outdoor learning experiences for pupils