Parent Training

Help your Child to Learn with Mike Gershon

One of the main questions we get as teachers from parents is ‘What can I do to support my child?’

Help Your Child to Learn with Mike Gershon is a comprehensive course for parents of 5-12 year-olds, giving you everything you need to support your child’s learning and to help them grow and develop.

The course is available for FREE to parents of 5-12 year-olds throughout North Wales. Remember, you will need to enter your coupon code at the checkout to make the course free to access.  Please contact the school for your access code.

The course is divided into ten sections. Each section contains bite-sized, full HD videos giving you key insights into different aspects of learning.

Accompanying the videos are a set of beautifully designed guides – one per section. These provide practical guidance, sharing strategies, activities and techniques any parent can use to help their child to learn.

In total, the guides contain more than sixty practical tools you can use with your child, or which you can modify and adapt so they are personalised for you and your child’s needs