Pupil Vacancies

As a way of developing children’s life skills linked to future employment and longer term aspirations we intend to advertise for and appoint children to roles and responsibilities that they can undertake in school. Children will have the opportunity to experience the process of applying for a job, completing an application form and taking account of job descriptions and associated responsibilities.

If  your child is interested, they will be asked to apply for a position outlining why they think they will be suitable for the role and will be invited to share this with their peers so that their peers can vote for the most suitable person for the role. Successful candidates will be invited to take up their posts for a fixed period of time.

Please click on the below vacancies for 2023-2024:

We expect all year 5 and 6 pupils to take on whole school monitor roles to help keep our school happy, safe and secure.  There will be a rota of monitors throughout the year.

Some Year 5 and 6 pupils will also carry out the role of a Play Buddy, where they will support the younger children with play skills.  They will help the children to be active and play together helping to promote our core values on the playground: Happy and Healthy, Kind and Caring, Ambitious and Confident.

Eco Council AdvertYear 2 – 6 only

School Council Advert Year 2 – 6 only

Criw-cymraeg-advertYear 2 – 6 only

Digital Leader AdvertYear 3 – 6 only