School Council

We are the School Council of Black Lane.  Each year we hold an election to vote for members of the School Council.  The aim of the School Council is to allow the children to have the opportunity to express their views about school, where they will be listened to and action taken where appropriate.

We have a suggestion box in school, so that all children can make suggestions about school life.  These ideas are always discussed in our meetings and a decision is made by voting.

We create an action plan each year to make sure there are clear targets and children’s ideas are listened to.  These are displayed on our School Council board in school.

To keep up to date with the progress we are making in our school please check our Newsletters:

School Council Newsletter 8th May 2018

18th May 2018 – We visited the Mayor’s Parlour with the Eco Council to meet the Mayor Mr John Pritchard.   We used the public bus and practiced asking and paying for a return ticket to Wrexham. We sat in the chamber room and pretended to hold a council meeting.