School Development Plan

The school creates a development plan to outline how we will address the priority areas identified.  This year the key priority areas are:

Key Priority Areas 2023-2024

  1. Priority 1: To raise standards, skills and knowledge in cross curricular skills, supporting progress across the AoLEs    Priority 2: To ensure high quality teaching and learning in the context of a high quality curriculum

    Priority 3: To develop Welsh Oracy Skills across the school

    Priority 4: To develop robust tracking and monitoring systems to ensure pupil progression

Other development areas:

  1. To ensure a high quality provision for pupils with ALN, ensuring progression
  2. To continue to develop wellbeing and personal development

We always prioritise ALN and Health and Wellbeing not because these are a weakness in our school but because they always need attention and focus.

Please contact the school  for a more detailed version of the School Development Plan.

Child Friendly School Development Plan

Children in Tryfan and Yr Wyddfa have worked together to create a child friendly School Development Plan.

“Created by the children for the children”

Child Friendly SDP 2023-2024 – click the link to view the document