Attendance Matters

Spotlight on Attendance

Dear Parents,

At Black Lane we aim for every child to reach their full potential.  Research shows that children achieve better if they are on time and have good attendance.  In order to provide children with the best education, we aim for every child to achieve at least 95% attendance, with a goal of achieving 100%.

Good attendance is important because:

  • Statistics show a direct link between higher achievement and good attendance
  • Regular attendees make better progress, both socially and academically
  • Regular attendees find school routines and school work easier to cope with
  • Regular attendees find learning more satisfying
  • Regular attendees have an easier transfer to secondary school

Last year we achieved a whole school attendance of 95.2%, so we are setting our target this year at 95.4%.  In order to achieve this, we need the support of all parents in ensuring pupils attend regularly and punctually and any appointments are made outside of school hours.  At Black Lane, we code attendance into Green, Amber and Red categories:

  • Green             100% – 95%
  • Amber           94.9% – 90%
  • Red                 Below 90%

You will receive a letter at the end of each term to inform you of your child’s attendance and which category it falls in, regardless of whether this is authorised or unauthorised.

At Black Lane we encourage good attendance by:

  • Presenting a weekly ‘best class attendance’ trophy in assembly
  • Presenting individual certificates each term for pupils who achieve 95% attendance and above: Bronze – 95%+; Silver 98%+; Gold 100%
  • Rewarding pupils who achieve 100% attendance each term with an attendance pencil
  • Rewarding pupils who achieve 100% attendance throughout the year with a special attendance badge

Attendance and punctuality is monitored regularly with the Educational Social Worker (ESW).  Our main objective is to support pupils and their families in raising attendance.  If attendance falls below 95%, your child’s attendance will be monitored by the school and the ESW.  Letters may be sent home and you may be invited into school for a meeting or the ESW may visit you at home.

If your child does fall ill or cannot attend school due to exceptional circumstances then please ensure you contact the school on the first day of absence, by 9:30am stating the reason.  If the school does not receive an explanation for absence or if the explanation is unacceptable, then the absence will be marked as unauthorised. If pupils are absent frequently for medical reasons then a medical note may be requested.

Holidays during term time are discouraged as there are a total of 175 non-school days in one year.  Holiday absence must be sought from the Head teacher.  However if attendance is below 90% the Head teacher will not authorise Holiday absence, unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Holidays will not be authorised during test week which usually falls within the first 2 weeks of May each year – please check our website for details.  Unauthorised absences can lead to legal action resulting in a Fixed Penalty Notice.

A Fixed Penalty Notice can be issued where a pupil has accrued 10 unauthorised absences in term time (AM and PM count as separate absences) or for late registrations (more than 10 occasions in one term) or for truancy.

Absence and lateness disrupts the education of the individual child and the whole class and can be highly distressing for the child. I have included a table to show what attendance % really means in relation to the amount of days lost in a school year.  I have also included a punctuality poster to show how lateness seriously affects the education of children.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all parents who ensure their child is attending school regularly and punctually and therefore benefiting fully from their educational opportunity.  If you do have any problems with getting your child to school then please contact us – we are here to help!

I look forward to working together to achieve our school target of 95.4%.

What attendance really means – please click to see how many days of education are lost in a school year.

What punctuality really means – please click to see how much learning children miss out on throughout the year if they are late