Eco Council

We are the Eco Committee of Black Lane School.  We help to encourage everyone to look after our environment by following our Eco Code. We reviewed our Eco Code for 2018-2019 and decided we wanted to keep it.

We have achieved the Bronze Award and the Silver Award in recognition of the work we already do towards being an Eco School.  We achieved our 1st Green Flag in July 2018. We are now working towards maintaining our Green Flag and achieving our 2nd flag.

We are involved in carrying out an Environmental Review every year to find out what we do well and what we need to do to improve.  Please see our Environmental review.

We used the review to create an Action Plan, which will inform our work this year: Eco Committee Action Plan 2018

To keep up to date with the progress we are making in our school please check our Eco Council Newsletters:

Eco Council Newsletter 9th May 2018

Eco Council Newsletter 11th June 2019

18th May 2018 & 11th February 2019 – We visited the Mayor’s Parlour with the School Council to meet the Mayor Mr John Pritchard.   We used the public bus and practiced asking and paying for a return ticket to Wrexham. We sat in the chamber room and pretended to hold a council meeting.


Eco Week 2018

This year the Eco Council have decided to organise an Eco Week instead of an Eco Day.  The Eco Week aims for all classes across the school to cover activities under the 9 Eco-School topics and will focus on areas identified in our Environmental Review.

This is our plan:  Eco Week Planning 2018

Green Flag Award

We did it! We have been assessed this week (9th July 2018) and we have been awarded our 1st Green Flag Award for our efforts and work towards being an Eco School.  We would like to thank the staff, parents and children of Black Lane for working as a team to support and promote our Eco School projects.  We are very proud!

Eco Day 2019

The pupils voted that they wanted to do Eco Day instead of Eco Week this year.  The Eco Council planned a range of activities that promote the important message of reduce, reuse, recycle.  We also used the Environmental Review to make sure the activities matched areas for development.

Eco Day Planner 12th July 2019                  Eco Day 2019