Lead Creative School

We are pleased to confirm that our application to become a Lead Creative School, in association with the Arts Council of Wales and the Welsh Government, has been successful. The Lead Creative Schools’ Scheme gives schools the opportunity to develop the creative skills and resources to ensure all children have a range of imaginative opportunities and experiences.  This is an amazing opportunity for our school and an exciting time especially those pupils and staff who will take part in the initial project and the results of which we hope will benefit pupils for many years to come.

The project aims to engage, excite and stimulate our children to write creatively!  In order to do this, we are looking to employ a creative practitioner for a period of time to focus on using storytelling and drama to bring a story to life that will give the children a spark for creative writing.

We are very excited about this project!

Advertisement for Creative Practitioner

Lead Creative Schools Brief Black Lane Primary

Year 1 of the Lead Creative School Project

Our first year of the project has been amazing!  The children in Cadair Idris decided to employ Creative Practitioners Helen and Rick who brought together the art of storytelling and music to bring stories to life.

The children explored a range of different stories from different cultures and countries and used their imagination to travel around the world, encountering lots of different experiences.  They used drama, storytelling and music to become immersed in the stories, sparking their imagination.  The children used a wide range of instruments such as drums, xylophones and tambourines to explore the use of rhythm and patterns in storytelling.  They then used the story settings to create their very own slate xylophones, which can now be found in our outdoor area.


The children investigated different types of pop up books to motivate and engage the reader and then used the hands on experiences of the project to finally plan and write their own stories.  They then held a celebration afternoon, sharing their stories with the whole school and parents.

What an amazing experience, with fantastic results.  Thank you Helen and Rick!

Year 2 of the Lead Creative Schools Project

After a very successful 1st year we are now looking forward to our 2nd year and continuing the love of storytelling across the school.

We now have an advert for Creative Practitioners to join our project and take it forward into our 2nd year:

Lead Creative Schools Brief 2nd Year         Welsh Lead Creative School Brief 2nd Year