Newsletters: Eco Day 2022

What a beautiful day we had for our Eco Day.  The children worked together in groups across the school to explore 7 different stations, learning important messages about recycling, reusing, reducing, improving biodiversity on our school grounds, reducing carbon footprints, using natural materials to create art and using our own grown herbs for food.  Brymbo Heritage supported our event and the children got to make their own apple juice by pressing apples using an apple scratter and press.  The stations included:

  • Station 1: Reducing Carbon Footprint Pledge
  • Station 2: Hapa Zome art using material and wild flowers
  • Station 3: Herb posies and growing area
  • Station 4: Bug hotel and wildlife area
  • Station 5: Willow dream catchers
  • Station 6: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle obstacle
  • Station 7: Apple pressing

The children had lots of fun whilst learning about how we can care for our earth and become‘ethical informed citizens of Wales and the world’.